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“When you hire a copywriter you’re not looking just for copywriting skills, you also want a professional attitude and quick delivery of your requested projects. Well, hiring Nick gives you all that and more – not only is he a master of marketing, he is also super professional in his communication and always beats the deadlines.”

– Tomaz Mencinger, FEELTENNIS

“If you are looking to up your email marketing game then look no further than Nick. He brings an immense amount of knowledge to the table but even more than that, he’s a relentless worker. Once he is signed on, he takes your sales and revenue personally. His work ethic is unequalled and you will regret having not found him sooner than you did. You have raised your game the moment you bring him on board”

– Chad Wilson, All Eyes DB Camp

“Nick is professional, personable, passionate, and diligent about his work. He treated me with the absolute upmost respect and did an absolutely incredible job diving deep into my email list and restructuring everything. His ability to write copy is second to none and I would advise anyone looking to up their marketing or copywriting to work with him. A true professional at his craft. Will be working with him for the foreseeable future”

– Anonymous

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